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Fresh Kills 10th Anniversary

10-Year Anniversary

The New York City Departments of Sanitation and Parks & Recreation celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the last barge of waste to Fresh Kills Landfill by welcoming a barge loaded …

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East Mound Capping

East Mound Capping Begins

East Mound Capping began in 2007. The 482-acre section sits along Richmond Avenue near the Staten Island Mall. Learn about the plan for East Mound.

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Landfill Timeline preview

Landfill Timeline

The timeline of the landfill’s operation was put together for the catalogue of the exhibit called “Fresh Kills: Artists Respond to the Closure of the Staten Island Landfill,” mounted at the …

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North Mound capped

North Mound Capped

North Mound was capped soon after South Mound. This 233-acre section is close to Schmul Playground and the Travis neighborhood. Learn about the plan for North Mound.

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South Mound Capped

South Mound Capped

South Mound was the first of the four landfill mounds to be closed and covered with a thick, impermeable cap. This section makes up 425 acres of the 2,200 acre site …

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Fresh Kills Landfill

New York State Law Passes to Close Landfill

New York State Law was passed requiring the landfill to cease accepting solid waste by December 31, 2001. Image: DSNY Photo Archive.

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Fresh Kills Landfill

New York State Consent Order to Close Landfill

April: The Fresh Kills Landfill Consent Order was issued between the City of New York and New York  State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). The consent order required compliance with New York …

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Fresh Kills Landfill

Fresh Kills receives half of NYC’s garbage

After landfills in the Bronx are closed, Fresh Kills received nearly half the city’s garbage. Image: DSNY Photo Archive.

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Fresh Kills Landfill

Landfill grows to 1,284 acres

By 1955, Fresh Kills was the largest landfill in the world, serving as the principal landfill for household garbage collected in New York City. The landfill grew to 1,284 acres in …

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Fresh Kills Landfill 1951 Map

Proposal for Development

The City of New York and Parks Commissioner Robert Moses issued a proposal for development at Fresh Kills.  The plan suggests that the area could be used for parks, private residential development, …

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