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West Mound Capping Resumes

West Mound Capping Begins

After East Mound capping completed in 2011, West Mound was the last remaining landfill section to be capped. At 440 acres, West Mound is the site’s largest, with the West Shore Expressway to the east and the Arthur Kill to the west. It’s bordered by the LFG Purification Plant, Leachate Treatment Plant, and SI District 3 Garage and Borough Repair Shop. An earthwork monument is envisioned atop the mound in remembrance of the September 11 recovery effort that occurred in this location.

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Fresh Kills Park GEIS

Freshkills Park Final GEIS

The Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) was released in March 2009. Download it from the Public Review page. Pursuant to state and local law, the document identifies any potential adverse environmental effects of proposed actions, assesses their significance, and proposes measures to eliminate or mitigate significant impacts. The chapters of the document are available for download, below, as individual PDF documents. Hard copies are also available at all Staten Island libraries and Community Boards.   Image: Special Natural Waterfront Area (Figure 12-2).

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draft master plan

Draft Master Plan

Mayor Bloomberg and City Planning Director Amanda M. Burden announced the release of the Draft Master Plan for Freshkills Park.

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Bloomberg -

Draft Master Plan Announcement

September: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced the official kick-off of the $3.38-million Draft Master Plan process that would map out the future use of the Fresh Kills site. Read the Mayor’s announcement.

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Field Operations lifescape layers

Field Operations Wins Design Competition

June: Landscape architecture firm Field Operations was selected as the planning and design consultant. Image: NYC Department of City Planning.

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