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2015: Video: “Make Freshkills Park Your Park”

Edited by Will Ellis, with videography by Will Ellis and Arbuckle Industries. 

“Freshkills Park is one of the largest most ambitious public works projects in the city’s history, and a symbol of renewal and environmental restoration.The Freshkills Park Alliance is working with New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of Sanitation to bring the public into this place before the entire 2,200 acres of the park are open.” Learn more about the Freshkills Park Alliance.


West Mound Capping Resumes

2014: West Mound Capping Begins

After East Mound capping completed in 2011, West Mound was the last remaining landfill section to be capped. At 545 acres, West Mound is the site’s largest, with the West Shore Expressway to the east and the Arthur Kill to the west. It’s bordered by the LFG Purification Plant, Leachate Treatment Plant, and SI District 3 Garage and Borough Repair Shop. An earthwork monument is envisioned atop the mound in remembrance of the September 11 recovery effort that occurred in this location.

Schmul Park Reopens

2012: Schmul Park Reopens

Schmul Park, the first complete park project, reopened in the Travis Neighborhood. The project included renovating the playground with colorful shaped surfaces to echo the topography of the park, new handball and basketball courts, creating what will become a tree-lined entrance to North Park, and building a comfort station with water and energy saving measures.